Gadgets gone wild

May 15, 2014

Well for my birthday this year I purchased a galaxy gear smart watch.


Having a lot of fun with it especially since I rooted it. Then last week I was informed that I had won a Google glass device. After last year’s melodrama now glass is back. Next mission: start writing apps. :) what a month in the gadgetsphere!

End of an era

January 21, 2014

Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic.  I finally finished my 2 year contract on my first Android phone, the Droid Bionic.  In general, I really like the Android.  Was able to do all kinds of interesting things and was happily unrestrained.  By the end, I had rooted the Bionic and loaded Cyanogen on it.  This has long-term benefits in that it makes the device more appealing for resale on Craigslist.  Similar devices have fetched around $200.00 and it’s in good shape so I’m hopeful to recover some of the costs.  Its replacement is a Samsung Galaxy S4 system that simply blows the Bionic away.  Thanks in no small part to my wife’s patience, we were able to secure 5 S4 phones for $0.01 with the activation waived and because there was a hiccup in the ordering process, we also snagged $100.00 for our pain and suffering <Thanks-Amazon/>  I’m very happy with the new phone so far and it is simply beautiful to behold.  Wish me luck on the resale of the Bionic :)

Goodbye Glass

August 2, 2013

It was a short 25 days since I first got Google Glass.  In that time I got a lot of looks and did a countless demos.  I was able to engineer sideloading applications (APKs) onto Glass and got several of them working.  The only thing I didn’t do was to build a from-scratch glassware application; however I did deconstruct one of the demo applications.  At this point, the device is on its way back to Google.  Maybe I’ll try to use the emulator [] and continue trying to develop a glassware app but for now, this chapter is, unfortunately, closed :(

Kickstarter is about to begin

July 28, 2013

The link to my kickstarter campaign to fund Google Glass is going to be:

Go ahead and give it a shot and leave me some feedback!

Day 3 with google glass

July 9, 2013

Well the hits just keep on coming!  Today I was able to visit the Choice Hotels mobile website via glass.  It wasn’t easy to navigate but I was able to get there and click on a few links.  Next I discovered how to view the Mobile YouTube website and to view some online video.  Finally, I was able to use the onscreen navigation app (while my wife was driving) to give directions.  This was very very cool.  Of course I also shared a video I captured yesterday to YouTube and that is in the previous post.  I arrived home late on Monday so tomorrow…it’s time for show-and-tell at Choice!

Dana Point Via Glass

July 9, 2013

Dana Point via point glass

Dana Point through Google Glass

July 9, 2013

Paste a Video URL

This video was captured with Google Glass

First day with Google Glass

July 7, 2013

Well the first day with Google Glass is in the books and I have to say it’s very impressive technology that is only going to get better.  Today, I simply took some photos and video while out and about.  Later I posted them through my tumblr account (which forwards to Twitter and Facebook) and I posted directly through Facebook.  This was accomplished by tethering to my phone via FoxFi on Android (does not require root privileges).  All this worked pretty well.  However, I wasn’t able to connect my phone to glass via Bluetooth using FoxFi so that may require some rework.  I’m in line to add full Verizon tethering with my next data plan (should I say with Verizon).  I really want to see how the navigation and GPS work.  Overall, the video quality was pretty good including the ability to pick up sounds.  The photos were pretty good but shooting without a zoom was different.  I’m really looking forward to day 2 at San Juan Capistrano.


November 17, 2012

So next session at DCC2012 is on MongoDB.  Last session had me wondering if Kanban might be better for us than Scrum or maybe some combination (Scrumban?).

Desert Code Camp 2012

November 17, 2012

Brought my Surface along to DCC2012 today.  Boy, I should get a spiff for selling the surface because I’ve already given like 3 demos.  First session is on Agile: Scrum & Kanban.  Fortunately, I got the guest network working here at GCCC so I can blog.  The surface wouldn’t boot this morning so I discovered that I needed to pulse the power button to trigger it to start.  Grrrr. Still, I like using it at the conference.


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