Updating the subject line to include accents

Here’s one.  Whenver we tried to put accents into the SUBJECT line for an eMessage document, the subject line failed to render the accents correctly.  I sent an accented subject line via MS Outlook to see what it displayed and used the AOL e-mail reader to capture the subject line and here’s what I found in the subject line:


I stripped this down to just:


and used those characters as an ‘envelope’ so accented characters appeared between the two question marks ??  Furthermore, I used MS Windows’ CHARMAP application to find out the hexadecimal code for each of the accented characters.  Finally, I resent the email with the updated subject line (accents in the envelope) and it rendered fine in the AOL reader.  Pretty cool.

One Response to “Updating the subject line to include accents”

  1. Fred van West Says:

    I must be the only one who gets frustrated with these tools from time to time 😉

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