Collection of shopping tips of the day

I was talking with some folks around the office and sometimes I forget that not everyone keeps up on stuff, so I thought I’d post some of my favorite shopping site links: – Great site for picking up on bargains (got 1 GB SD card from Kingston and for free including shipping) – closeouts and daily specials on items (I got my daughter’s 30 GB Zune for $99.00!) – Coupon codes for major e-tailers (Got Transformers for $15.00 after a $20 gift card, free shipping and $10.00 coupon code) – Okay, not a shopping site per se, but full of useful (and some not so useful) tips for getting the most out of your computer

http://www.netvibes .com – Again, not a shopping site, but a place to put all of my RSS feeds so I can monitor Spoofee, lifehacker, etc from one site.  I use this as an alternative to Google Reader, Page Flakes, or other web-based RSS aggregators. – Again, not a shopping site (I know, I know), but a place to put my bookmarks so if I see something, I can share it with the world.  Also provides an RSS feed so I can see from NetVibes.

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