Having problems with eMessage6 and AREA tags

I don’t know if anyone else is having these kinds of problems, but I wanted to insert an offer into an AREA tag and it doesn’t work like it does in eMessage 3.7.1.  Previously, we could simply replace the href with the emessage tags; however, now that they have completely replaced the anchor tags with new tags, I don’t think I can simply replace the HREF with the content in the custom tags.  Inquiring minds want to know….

One Response to “Having problems with eMessage6 and AREA tags”

  1. fredvw Says:

    Well, I found out what I needed to do: in the HTML editor in eMessage6, I needed to use the “Click-through only URL” within the href=”” field to inline the reference. This works with both anchor tags (Click) as well as the tags within a client-side map. I suppose the online help could have been a little more explicit, but now that I’ve made it through, I guess what they wrote was accurate if not 100% obvious.

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