Video On Demand links

Okay, I was talking with Rob in the office today and I realized, I haven’t included a lot of links since I just expect people to go out and get their own links.  At the risk of being redundant, I use the following two links for video-on-demand:

  • (actually you can use to avoid needing a membership, but the content is more limited and I encourage everyone to use the system.)
  • – This is a separate application that you use to view flash video.  We used this one to watch a Star Trek episode called “A Piece of the Action” when our kids were going to do a 1920’s-era murder mystery.  My wife was also happy to watch the pilot episode of MacGuyver, too.
  • – Okay, this one isn’t really video-on-demand in the same way, but they did have some cool videos (include the aforementioned MacGuyver video and some old Bugs Bunny video)


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