Asking the question behind the question

Okay, I was in Bryce’s Lights-Out Affinium Campaign session at MIS on Tuesday and I asked if there was any way to get the full campaign name to a trigger variable.  We have established a convention for the campaign name and I wanted to pass it to the trigger script so I could parse it and retrieve our promotion code (this is what we did for eMessage 3.7.1 triggers.)  Well, Bryce couldn’t answer my question (I get the <CAMPCODE> and <SESSIONNAME> { flowchart name } but not the <CampName>).  However, I could pass the promo code in as a command-line argument, assign it to a user variable and pass the user variable back to the trigger script.  This saves me from having to parse the campaign name.  So, this is an example of asking the question behind the question and finding what may end up being a more elegant solution.

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