Apples are from Europe, PCs are from America

I was talking with my Sister-in-law, Sharon, over the weekend about the difference between Apples and PCs and my conclusion is that Apples follow a European convention.  The Europeans expect a level of service in things that we Americans might find annoying and even invasive.  Take the butler, for instance.  In Old world societies, having a butler would be considered either a grand luxury or at least the hallmark of a true gentleman.  In European socialism, then, the state acts like a butler who provides services that allow you, as a citizen, to focus on what is truly important (such as spending time with your family, etc.)  In America, we consider having the state make our decisions to be invasive and meddlesome.  We take great pride in making our own decisions on how to invest our money, which insurance to select, how to care for our aged or infirmed, and we embrace our independence (sometimes choosing a lower cost at the expense of quality.)
In the same way, people who choose Apple are also choosing a platform that, while limiting your selection, provides a high level of quality (just like having a butler or caddy).  You’re somewhat restrained in making choices, but then you’re prevented from making as many bad ones (fewer viruses as well as fewer software packages.)  In the “wild, wild, west” of PCs, you are more likely to find yourself with choice, but you’re more susceptible to making bad choices.  In the end, it’s up to the individual as to which is best for them.  I, for one, have both PCs and Macs at home, both Zunes and iPods, and, I expect to have both an iPhone and a Windows Smart Phone, soon.  As a political moderate, how could anyone expect less 😉

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2 Responses to “Apples are from Europe, PCs are from America”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I’m a moderate, too. But I only have windows. I wanna learn Macs.

  2. Artur | Phoenix Real Estate Says:

    Once I got a Mac life changed, at lease business life did. When I open my laptop in a cafe the Internet is on quickly. When I want to hook up a printer or create a network it happens. When I used PC I often burned with frustration. Joanna, my partner just got an iphone and it works, unlike the Treo which always froze. I think that’s it. Things work as advertised

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