The Heretic strikes back with cut and paste on iPhone

Okay.  Here’s a really ugly hack:

A) I installed Veency onto  my (jailbroken) iPhone.

B) I installed UltraVNC as my VNC client

C) I installed Texter.exe from LifeHacker. (

D) I created a macro called “pst” that consists of just “%c” and which is activated by the TAB key

E) I activated the VNC connection (Actually, I connected using the VNC proxy using my iPhone data cable but that’s a another post)

F) I’m now remotely controlling my iPhone and I entered into the “Notes” application

G) I typed “pst” [TAB].  Instantly what was in my clipboard on my PC appeared on the iPhone in the notes application.  Using the same process, I can paste URLs into my iPhone within Mobile Safari

Like I said, it’s a pretty ugly hack and there are probably better ways to get data into Notes or to create bookmarks in Safari, but I’m just betting there will be a day when this becomes even more useful.

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