I took the plunge

Well, over the weekend, I took the plunge and switched back from T-Mobile to AT & T.  My motivation was the new iPhone 3GS (16 GB version) as well as the corporate discount I get from Choice Hotels.  The 3G speeds have been amazing (although I did have to cycle power after activation for the 3G to start up…weird.)  And the phone itself is markedly faster.  Video recording capability is excellent and the compass is integrated into Google maps.  I’m doing a test now to see how long I’ll go without jailbreaking (or if).  Given my history it looks more like ‘when’ than ‘if’ but I’m open minded.  I miss SBSettings pop up, Cycorder, Qik, Veency (VNC), and a few others, but I haven’t determined how much I miss them.  I’ll post back with an update later.

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