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Okay. Due to recent firewall changes at Choice Hotels HQ I’m forced to blog from my iPhone. We’ll see if this becomes an impediment or if it’s expressly forbidden but I’m goingvto assume that blogging isn’t forbidden, just access to from our computers is forbidden. Maybe they’ll open up access on the future; however since I haven’t heard of a blogging policy, I’ll continue here 🙂
We had Unica at Corporate HQ in Silver Spring last week. Overall I picked up a few pointers but we’re already taxing eMessage 6’s capabilites. I’ll have to see if we can present at a future MIS or user group: I’m thinking of the title “How Dynamic Do You Want Your Email To Be?” Our guest survey is an impressive feat of engineering with dynamic content all over the place – portions will be placed at the top, bottom or in the middle in 6 languages and yet at the top level we have a generic “container.” Plus we’re running in a batch, lights out mode with our own document open and click thru statistics collection. And we support q/a along side production seamlessly. I’m very proud even if it’s complex. Hacks?you bet! Work arounds? A plenty. Solid? No doubt! 🙂 I hope ur all translates well to Affinium eMessage 7 and possibly eMessage 8.


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