HTML 5 and EMail

Wow, what a good Lunch and Learn at Choice Hotels today!  Manesh presented on HTML5 and my mind was racing as to what the impacts to email delivery might be.  He made it clear that the W3C committee wants us to to stop using the <font> tag, etc. in favor of CSS.  However, for eMail, we have to support a wider variety of rendering engines than what the W3C/HTML5 specify.  I suspect this means our content will be set to hit the most number of subscribers; however, GMail presents an interesting exception since it’s strictly web based.  Now, if GMail supports HTML5 (which I suspect it will), then the content in GMail might become more rich which would drive deliverability towards more interesting content.  Video delivery by email might become feasible (although redirecting to a web based site that has the actual video is easier to implement, a certain proportion of the audience won’t ever get out of the email tool.)  It’s pretty clear that eMessage isn’t ready for HTML5 but you bet I’ll ask Unica about it in a couple of weeks.

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