As dynamic as we want to be

Well, the first attempt at this post resulted in a password reset error so hopefully we’re back 🙂

I just got back from Orlando and this year’s Unica Marketing Innovation Summit (MIS).  Wow!  Social Media was emphasized as was eMessage 8, the new flagship in the email channel offering from Unica.  We are moderately concerned about the choice to use SMTP servers in the cloud versus our hosted email farm, but I’ll leave that to the negotiators to work out.  I *did* get a chance to show off our dynamic Guest Insight System (GIS) email system to another Unica customer and they were either dumbfounded, extremely impressed, or a bit of both 🙂  In general, we have criteria which would have caused us to generate over a hundred individual copies of email including changes such as having a subject line in various languages across various brands.  Using Conditional Text and Text blocks, we reduced this to four initial copies and two reminder copies.  This did require us to do some work outside of eMessage 6 in order to set up some columns (e.g. we calculate the language set outside of eMessage and we calculate whether this email contact has a property or country known); however the majority of the decision making is done within eMessage 6 itself.  Using a layered approach of conditional text and text blocks, we were able to support both a Q/A and Production environment, support open and click through tracking and provide all of the use case nuances that our Customer Experience team required.  I should probably write a paper on it to cover all of the particulars, but I was proud to show off what we did to the other Unica customer and hopefully, we can present at a future MIS.  I’d really like to see how well what we did translates to eMessage 8 and what best practices we could share or refactor into our deployment.  Coupling our eMessage 6 experience with something like Interact and maybe NetInsight should allow us to be even more specific, but for now, we’re as dynamic as we want to be.

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