Geeky Vacation

Wow!  Three weeks away and it was a lot of fun!  Most of my adventures are on my Facebook page, but I thought I’d post a little about some of the tech that we used on the trip:

  • iPhone – Best. Device. Ever.  We used iPhone maps extensively to provide location and direction.  So much so, in fact, that we hardly used the paper maps and only fell back to use Google directions (printed out in advance) whenever we lost data connection or needed a larger view (Google maps on the iPhone with way points or linking to saved maps would have been even better!)  Add to this, I have jailbroken the device and added MiWi which gave us internet access on the our other Wi-Fi enabled devices.  I was able to update Facebook throughout the trip with pictures, video and tweets (much to my wife’s irritation from time-to-time 🙂
  • iPad – I bought it just before the trip.  Very entertaining with seek-a-word and Mahjong.  I actually watched a NetFlix feature (part of one any ways) on the iPad with Netflix tethered to the internet via the iPhone (Yeah, that’s how I roll 🙂  When in the hotel, I took advantage of the free WiFi, but I didn’t read nearly as much as I planned.  My wife and daughter both read some Jane Austin material though.
  • Laptop – Eldest daughter purchased a laptop with Bluray capability and integrated SD card reader.  She used both during the trip (we brought a few Bluray only features on the trip.)
  • Integrated DVD player – We’ve had this for a few years; however, we needed to split the audio from the Bluray laptop for two kids to hear so we piped the audio from the Laptop to the integrated DVD input and the kids used the infrared headsets to listen to the audio while watching the laptop in their laps.  Pretty geeky hack but it seemed to work pretty well.  The audio was available on an FM channel but we only listed to DVD audio through the stereo a few times.
  • Thumb drive – Essential because we had a second laptop (my son’s MacBookPro) and we wanted to back up our digital photos so the thumb drive made that possible.  Also, we needed print boarding passes, scholarship applications and even Empire State Building passes and the thumb drive was needed to print PDFs on the hotel’s lobby printer.  The MacBookPro has integrated PDF printing but I downloaded PDFCreator for the Bluray laptop.

Overall, the trip was definitely a tech “win.”  There were a few hiccups and not everything performed as well as planned or expected, but on balance we had a great trip tech wise.

From a tech perspective, it was a

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