So…why did I leave the iOS world for Android????

I have gotten a lot of feedback from people wondering why I would have gone to Android instead of sticking with the iPhone.  First, I’d like to start by saying I really, really liked my iPhone.  Certain things were just intuitive (to me at least) and once I was able to Jailbreak, I got the kind of power that I really wanted/needed.  However, with the end of my iPhone contract (I mistakenly thought it was over in October when it actually ended in July), I was looking for the next iPhone to switch to.  Internally I said if the iPhone 4S was not an LTE phone, I was going to skip the iPhone and my heart sank when I discovered that 4G/LTE was at least a year away.  This indicated to me that Apple chose to play it safe, or wasn’t ready for 4G.  In retrospect maybe this was because of Steve’s ailing health.  But as a consumer, I was unwilling to settle for a “half measure” for a year and then pay a premium to upgrade to 4G when the new iPhone 5 comes out next fall.  Instead, due to some scrounging, I was able to secure my new Droid Bionic for exactly $0.01 through Amazon Wireless/Verizon.  No matter what I think of Android, that price allows very little buyers remorse.  Besides, this is a chance to “kick the tires” on the Android platform for the next two years.  Adding diversity to my mobile background is a very good thing and the Android platform has grown to parity with iOS over the last year.  About the only thing I’ll truly miss is the grandfathered unlimited data plan I had on iPhone and AT&T (but given Sprint’s hasty retreat on that, I’m not optimistic that it will last for much longer on AT &T anyways.)  My first order of business is to get a superior mail client because I was addicted to push mail on my iPhone.  Maybe rooting on Android will come first (Tried k-9 mail but apparently it doesn’t work with Exchange 2010?)  Anyways, it’ll be good to see how things break down over the next tow years.  I’m sure we’ll see a few more Siri videos and snapshots before the majority of people ignore it, but with regards to iOS, more of the same was not what I was looking for for the next two years.  I hope folks who make the iPhone such a big seller are happy for the next year.  I suspect I will be.

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