Choice Hackathon

Well, tomorrow, I dive headlong into an entirely new experience: A hackathon.  There’s a Wired article on hackatthons and the subculture they engender among software professionals (a scene in “The Social Network” movie pays this off as well.)  I suppose I’m feeling a bit anxious to perform.  There seem to be a lot of steps to creating an interesting mashup that takes advantage of the Choice API.  This includes selecting a language to write in, how to select a framework to wrap around the API, presentation design, how to host, etc.  Admittedly I have pretty nothing much to start from and I’m feeling anxious whether I’ll even have something to show by the end of the day.  Perhaps failure isn’t such a bad option if there’s the opportunity to learn.  WIth a grand prize that seems more and more out of reach, I would be satisfied with something that works.

Wish me luck.  Increasingly I see that I’ll need it.

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