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Well, here’s something I never would ever happen: I’ve purchased Microsoft’s Surface and will be selling my iPad. The hope is that my youngest daughter would buy the iPad so it would stay in the family and because she uses it a lot. Reasons for the change? Well, it’s the road not traveled in some ways.  At the moment, I’m posting this from my Surface with a an attached USB keyboard. While this is possible on the iPad without jailbreaking, somehow it seems more of an integrated experience on the Surface. I don’t think the performance is fully tuned up on all of the apps (it’s definitely pokey in the his app). Still, there are many delights in the surface. For desktop mode, I recommend a USB or Bluetooth mouse. The USB keyboard makes typing great but the typepad cover seems more than adequate for short writing. This morning, I was able to hook up printers via Wi-Fi; much easier than with iPad. So far…so good.

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