First day with Google Glass

Well the first day with Google Glass is in the books and I have to say it’s very impressive technology that is only going to get better.  Today, I simply took some photos and video while out and about.  Later I posted them through my tumblr account (which forwards to Twitter and Facebook) and I posted directly through Facebook.  This was accomplished by tethering to my phone via FoxFi on Android (does not require root privileges).  All this worked pretty well.  However, I wasn’t able to connect my phone to glass via Bluetooth using FoxFi so that may require some rework.  I’m in line to add full Verizon tethering with my next data plan (should I say with Verizon).  I really want to see how the navigation and GPS work.  Overall, the video quality was pretty good including the ability to pick up sounds.  The photos were pretty good but shooting without a zoom was different.  I’m really looking forward to day 2 at San Juan Capistrano.

One Response to “First day with Google Glass”

  1. Jerry van West Says:

    Sounds good. Look forward to seeing more about Glass over the coming weeks and months.

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