End of an era

Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic.  I finally finished my 2 year contract on my first Android phone, the Droid Bionic.  In general, I really like the Android.  Was able to do all kinds of interesting things and was happily unrestrained.  By the end, I had rooted the Bionic and loaded Cyanogen on it.  This has long-term benefits in that it makes the device more appealing for resale on Craigslist.  Similar devices have fetched around $200.00 and it’s in good shape so I’m hopeful to recover some of the costs.  Its replacement is a Samsung Galaxy S4 system that simply blows the Bionic away.  Thanks in no small part to my wife’s patience, we were able to secure 5 S4 phones for $0.01 with the activation waived and because there was a hiccup in the ordering process, we also snagged $100.00 for our pain and suffering <Thanks-Amazon/>  I’m very happy with the new phone so far and it is simply beautiful to behold.  Wish me luck on the resale of the Bionic 🙂

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