Wow! Where to begin

There have been a substantial number of changes in my life since the last time I posted anything.  The biggest item is that as of this morning, I have lost over 84 lbs (and I’m sitting at about 223 lbs and still losing.)  This has been done with a combination of diet and exercise.  First, I’m drinking two green smoothies per day.  Next, I’ve given up Gluten, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soda and artificial sweeteners.  Next, I’m clocking in 10,000 steps/day although most days it’s about 15,000+.  The results have been tremendous (averaging 0.6 lbs lost per day).  I’ve also enjoyed the comments and support I’m getting from everyone (Thanks to everyone!)  I actually used my Google Glass to record a typical walk and I’ll assemble that in some fashion to post here and/or Facebook.  My pedometers are getting quite the workout and I’ve already worn through two pairs of shoes (Though the first set was pretty worn already 🙂

Another change is that my brother and I are attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas during the week of January 6th 2015.  This will be a gadgeteer’s dream!  We’re both looking forward to all of the new electronics being debuted.

Another new device I got recently on somewhat of an impulse buy is the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  Might try this out on my Sister’s TV or my parent’s TV when we visit them again.

Life is good!

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