Soylent Debuts Its Ready-To-Drink Meal Replacement Shake, Soylent 2.0

I’m ready to try this. Pre-made bottles would get rid of some of the powdery feel of the 1.4 stuff. And the price seems reasonable.


Venture-backed food replacement drink maker Soylent – yes, named after the movie where people unknowingly were sustained by eating other people – is out today with its newest product. The company this morning introduced “Soylent 2.0” (still not people), which is actually a vegan, soy-based nutritional drink that’s now shipping in a ready-to-drink package. Previously, Soylent sold its $3-per-meal shake in the form of a powder that shipped with a free mixer and scoop.

The outside investment helped bring the cost down to $2 for 400 kcal of Soylent (or $70/mo), which itself is a mix of carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins and dozens of other vitamins.

The startup built a lot of buzz, especially among the highly driven tech community and college student crowd, who would down Soylent instead of meals when they were too busy coding or cramming to take time out to eat.

But the company’s product was only well-known…

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