Virtually There

Well, I just got my Samsung GearVR headset at the end of 2015 and I’m totally loving it!  There was an inconvenience when viewing Google Cardboard content that involved having to slip my new Galaxy Note 5 into the viewer without plugging it into the MicroUSB socket and that was a little difficult with how slippery the Note5 was.  However, I found an app to suppress the automatic launching of the Oculus software as soon as the phone is plugged into the headset (Package Disabler on the Google Play Store – Check the GearVR Service box and the firmware does not engage when plugged into the headset ).  I had credit on the Google Play store due to running Google surveys from time-to-time so the app was essentially free and worthwhile.  Overall, I’m very impressed with the Gear VR.  There’s a screendoor effect that’s inevitable given that we’re magnifying a smartphone screen with lenses; however when 4K displays become common on smartphones, VR will defeat the screendoor issue.  I also added a Moga Pro bluetooth game controller and Temple Run VR was very immersive.  There’s a ton of ground to cover in VR but so far, I’m extremely impressed and inspired.  Apple would be very wise to not let this market slip away from them.  I believe there is going to be a Meetup group here in Arizona to tease out VR.  I’m planning on taking a roadtrip to Utah to see The Void when it opens this summer.

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