Programmable links in eMessage

We found ourselves needing to have an eMessage offer where the text of the offer was variable.  Ordinarily, eMessage will display fixed text behind a dynamic link.  Here’s what the HTML looks like:

<DIV><A href=”<<FONT face=’Arial’ size=1 bgcolor=’#226699′ color=green name=’unica:::affinium::emessage:pf:survey_external_id’><STRONG><U><SPAN>survey_external_id</SPAN></U></STRONG></FONT>>“><<FONT face=Arial color=green size=1 name=”unica:::affinium::emessage:pf:survey_external_id” bgcolor=”#226699″><STRONG><U><SPAN>survey_external_id</SPAN></U></STRONG></FONT>></A></DIV>

Now, the interesting bit is that angle-brackets get used as grouping indicators above.

This allows a programmable value to represent the link text on top of an offer and for click-thrus to be tracked by eMessage.

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