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TinyURL and eMessage

June 27, 2008

Well, it was inevitable that TinyURL and eMessage would be mentioned in the same breath.  Here’s the issue: when processing email, we noticed that sometimes our URLs are getting truncated.  The service TinyURL was developed, in part, to allow URLs to be posted when text real-estate was at a premium (e.g. on Twitter or SMS.  I’m at in case you’re inteterested.)  Now, I believe that TinyURL is simply a redirector to the target site and the site uses some kind of encoding to reference a key to the actual URL.  The site has explicitly said it cannot be used for SPAM, but they haven’t elaborated what the actual limits of the service.  But, no matter.  If we couldn’t use TinyURL, I’m sure we could develop our own TinyURL-type service which would accomplish the same thing in house.  I’m wondering what other emailers have run into the same kinds of limits?

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